South Park Member Cherry Launches Carwashing Service

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Today, our South Park member Cherry¬†left beta and launched their awesome new carwashing service in San Francisco. Cherry’s service allows users to coordinate and schedule carwashes from their mobile devices as well as the web, all with a few clicks (or taps). Not only is the interface user-friendly, it’s also a pretty piece of design.

Check in with your car’s details and location, and they’ll send the nearest carwashing professional to your car. You don’t even have to be there – go grab dinner and a movie. Get a pedicure. This is the age of multitasking, after all.

No more waiting in line at the gas station, no more leaky hoses – Cherry has found a way to make this chore easy, fast, and modern. You can check in your car from anywhere and they’ll send you a text when they’re on their way and again when they’ve finished.

$29 gets you an interior + exterior cleaning – and they’ll even leave you with a spiffy air-freshener.

Even better? They use 100% biodegradable carwash solution.

Be sure to check them out!

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