We Lost Our Office Space, and That Was a Good Thing.


We struggled with self doubt. We reflected on past mistakes, and we wished we would have seen many things coming a lot sooner. Your average run of the mill pity party. Unfortunately that crap doesn’t help anybody do anything so we moved forward. We realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally get this location right.

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3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking

3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking

A million reasons exist to cowork. A million reasons exist to work at home. In the grand scheme of things, you are fully capable of starting your business from the cozy embrace of your favorite armchair. But to save yourself hours of gazing at the walls and wishing for inspiration, take moment to consider these 3 reasons to focus on coworking.

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Top 5 Reasons for Coworking in San Francisco

Top 5 Reasons for Coworking in San Francisco (or anywhere really)

Coworking Flexibility

Coworking in San Francisco offers flexibility.

1. Flexibility

As writer and theologian Adam Tosko said, “We ask 18-year-olds to make huge decisions about their career and financial future, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom.” Just like recent high school grads, those new to the startup world are suddenly faced with a LOT of freedom, a LOT of questions, and a LOT of possible options. Maybe you’re the kind of person who still likes to come in 9-5 M-F. Maybe you’re actually a night owl but never knew. Coworking spaces provide the ability to swing the full spectrum of productivity. Take the time to find what works best for YOU.


Work/life balance

2. Separation of space

Our brains pair particular settings with certain mental reactions. Sleep is to bed as hunger is to kitchen. The same is true of your work space. Offices were made for productivity and homes were made for relaxation.


coworking in san francisco

The effect of environment.

3. The effect of environment

Almost everything you like, you probably keep at home. That’s where your family is, that’s where your Netflix is, that’s where all your favorite foods are stored. No one wants to write a business proposal when the next episode of “The Walking Dead” is about to start, when your kid wants to play or when your roommate starts making the day’s third smoothie.

On the other hand, when you see everyone else around you quietly working, making progress on their goals, it stirs a sense of solidarity. Other cursors are moving rapidly toward the triumph of completion. No distractions, no excuses.


Network, socialize

Coworking offers an eclectic mix.

4. An eclectic mix

Sandbox is unique in that each of our locations is a collaboration of many diverse backgrounds. The hands that reach into the pizza box at networking events are those of tech companies, nonprofits, lawyers, freelancers, telecommuters, and countless more. And that’s not even what they do in their spare time. Who knows what mutual interests you might have?

Meeting Rooms

On-Demand meeting rooms

5. Dedicated meeting space

Don’t even bother struggling to find the quiet spot in a coffee shop to meet with a potential client. When you’re worried about making a good impression, you don’t need to be thinking about snatching up parking, waiting in long service lines, and paying too much for a latte. Your focus should be on the future of your business.  


Check out our membership options or book a free trial to see if coworking is right for you.

Why Try Coworking?

Why Try Coworking?

The couch is no place to build an empire.

It is said to be the working man’s ultimate goal- no cubicle, no dress code, no authority, no schedule. You are the boss and the employee combined. You can spend your day perched on a park bench with your laptop or tucked up in the corner of a cafe. You can wear nothing but your favorite pajamas and claim the couch as your new domain.

Yet the couch is no place to build an empire. Working for yourself can be liberating and satisfying- but without the right facility, it can also be unproductive and lonely.

With its three locations in San Francisco as well as Downtown Berkeley and Silicon Valley, Sandbox Suites provides full-service coworking, shared offices and meetings spaces for freelancers, software developers, nonprofits, consultants, small business owners, and more. Interact with like-minded individuals in a laid back and effective co working environment designed for all types of progress.

And in case you miss your couch, we have those too.

We offer free trial days if you are new to coworking, the Bay Area or want to test out what coworking and shared office space is really about. We also offer virtual office plans in SOMA, Union Square, Berkeley and Palo Alto.


Work Design Magazine: Articles on the Changing Nature of Work - Exploring How Workplaces Are Changing

California-based Sandbox Suites cut the ribbon on their fifth coworking space in September. At 10,000 square feet, it’s the largest Sandbox location yet, and the first in Silicon Valley (the others are in San Francisco and Berkeley).

In addition to the expanded space, Sandbox will also offer expanded business services, like legal and management consulting, for its members. At the moment, they are working with Trivium, a management consulting firm, to create a platform for Sandbox’s coworkers to tap into HR, finance, and accounting resources.

These expanded services have accompanied the opening of the new location, but will be made available to all Sandbox members.

Style-wise, Sandbox went with Mondrian-inspired blocks of color that mimic the company’s logo.



“We wanted a clean look that was still edgy and artistic,” said Shadi Nayyer, Sandbox’s marketing director. “There’s a good balance in the space – the murals on the wall, juxtaposed with an otherwise clean cut look.”


According to Nayyer, the facility – which can accommodate up to 113 coworkers at once – is usually busiest in the afternoon, but on “Pizza Fridays” and “Bagel Tuesdays” they see a steady stream of members all day.

“People come to hang out and network with the other members,” said Nayyer. In addition to luring coworkers with food, Sandbox also hosts after hours events for their members – a recent “hack-a-thon” drew over 100 people, who formed teams and built an app.

“The community atmosphere is fun and exciting to work out of,” said Nayyer. “We want to use this location to build a stronger network of coworkers and a stronger coworking community.”



Published Jan 3, 2014 – Work Design Magazine

Sandbox Suites Expands to the Silicon Valley!

SBS is Expanding!

We are so pleased and excited to announce that Sandbox Suites is Expanding! We are headed south to the Silicon Valley, to open up our 5th location! Thanks to all of you, and all of your support over the last few years we have been able to grow, and build this amazing community for everyone to share.

The new location is in the heart of the Valley. We are located in Palo Alto, right of Great America Parkway. This location will be our largest space at over 17,000 sq feet! With a similar vibe to SBS South Park, there will be conference rooms, private desk’s and plenty of open space to stop in and use for the day! We are walking distance to Specialty’s Deli and Peet’s, and several other dining establishments. Not to mention just a hop, skip, and jump away from Great America, the new 49’ers Stadium (set to open in 2014), and the AMC theatres and Westfield Shopping Center. Seriously! It’s all within 5 minutes of the space!

Our expected open date is September 9th, and we will be announcing more info about the ribbon cutting and opening party soon! Right now we are tearing down some walls and “Sandboxifying” the space!

We are currently adding people to the wait list for office space and meeting rooms. So reserve your spot now!

If you have any questions, or would like more info regarding the space – email us at info[at]sandboxsuites.com.

SBS is Expanding!!!

If you’ve seen all four of our spaces – or at least checked out the pictures online you may understand this depiction of our newest SBS baby –  “The New space is something like if South Park and Union Square had a love child!”

There is a wonderful downtown/city vibe with beautiful paintings and decor, and a SOMA-like creative space with bright colors and a wonderful outdoor garden. And lets not forget the best part – we are only a few steps below our 567 Sutter St location!  We are very proud and delighted to announce this exciting expansion  – there has been a lot of interest in private desks and private offices so this new space is geared towards those needs.  

Here are some photo’s while we were fixing the place up!

A quick breakdown of the space and the prices:

20 Private Desks  Regularly $495 but we are offering a special discount for $445
4 three-person offices  $1485/mo
1 six-person private garden office $3959/mo
1 seven-person office $2950/mo
2 three-person conference rooms
1 six-person conference room
4 coworking spots (only open to Frequent Flyer members)


Here is the finished product! – What do you think? 

Whats next for SBS?  You tell us – we are always looking for feedback and want to know where and how you like your space.  For now we’d love for you to come check out the new digs and keep an eye out for a grand opening party! =)


New Year Special on Private Desks

Happy 2012 everyone! The new year is a great time to leave that living room or your garage and get a real office, with all the convenient office amenities and a great community of inspiring entrepreneurs!

To help move your business forward, we’re offering:

Apply here and enter discount code ‘$50OFFPRIVATE’ at checkout before January 31!

Private Desk at any Sandbox location includes:


Dedicated workstation
24/7 access at home base location
Access to all other locations (M-F, 8am-6pm)
8 hrs reserved meeting room time
High speed internet over secure Wi-Fi or wire
Optional VoIP phone service available
Digital projector, whiteboard
Conference phone with free national calling
Fresh coffee and tea
Weekly social and educational events

Sneak Preview of Sandbox South Park

Painting, furniture building and cleanup is under way in the new South Park office in preparation for Opening Day | Startup Waffle party on Sept. 7.

Last week, some lucky companies got to put dibs on the private offices and I’m excited to report that we have a great group anchoring Sandbox Suites South Park, including Ayopa Games, Promethium Marketing, Red Giant Software, RockIT Recruiting, Analyte Health, Sparta Consulting Group, M2Media360, Cherry.com and a few other great companies.

After more than a month of listening to drilling, polishing and hammering, it was awesome to finally have new members running around! And even better to hear how much they loved the colorful private offices:

We’re opening the private desk waiting list, so if you’d like first dibs on a dedicated desk or a cluster for your team, write us a note – info@sandboxsuites.com.

For conference rooms, we’ll have 4 different sizes seating from 4 to 12 people. If you’re not a member, you’ll be able to rent meeting rooms in South Park after Sept. 12. Here’s a fun meeting room for 6 that we just finished:

Can’t wait to see you all in September!!

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