How do I become a member?
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How do I book a conference room?
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How do I take a tour?
Click here or feel free to drop in at any time Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. It is best to make a reservation so that a Community Manager will be there to welcome you and show you around.

Who do I get in contact with someone for X (marketing, partnerships)?
Email to discuss any partnerships, events, marketing opportunities or social media requests!

How do I reschedule?
Please contact us at

How do I cancel a reservation?
Please contact us at

When are you open?
We are open M­onday through Friday, 9am­ to 6pm. For weekend or after hours bookings, please contact or call us at 415-659­-8197.

How does the virtual office work?
Virtual office allows you to use our address as your business address whether or not you work from Sandbox Suites. We email you when mail arrives and you can choose to have us scan it and send via email, forward it to you, or you can swing by and pick it up at your convenience. This also provides discounts for Day Passes and Meeting Room use as well as an open invite to any of our networking events!

What do I get with each membership?
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What companies work there?
To protect the privacy of our members, we do not publicize our member database, but we do have some demographic breakdowns of the kind of businesses and individuals who use Sandbox. Sandbox was created as a work space for everyone and we strive to create a professional, yet relaxed environment for startups, entrepreneurs and independent professionals from all types of industries.

What are the dimensions of all the rooms?
Our rooms are based on the amount of people that they seat be it for meeting rooms or offices. A Launch Pad for 3 will comfortably fit 3 desks, 3 chairs and 3 people. A Large Meeting Room for 8 people will have a conference table set up and chairs for 8 people.

What is the environment like?
We keep our environment as relaxed as possible so people are able to be focused and efficient. Quieter than a coffee shop but louder than a library, bright lighting, and cool vibes will make you as productive as possible.

How do the discounts work?
We do offer some discounts. Please contact to inquire.

Are the offices furnished?
All offices come with desks, filing cabinets and chairs.­ Some even have windows!

How much does it cost?
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Are you guys an Incubator?
No, we are not an incubator. We provide office space, meeting room space, networking and learning opportunities for our members. We do not invest in any companies.