3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking

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3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking 

A million reasons exist to cowork. A million reasons exist to work at home. In the grand scheme of things, you are fully capable of starting your business from the cozy embrace of your favorite armchair. But to save yourself hours of gazing at the walls and wishing for inspiration, take moment to consider these 3 reasons to focus on coworking.

1. Place.

Arrive to a fresh, clean area every day ready to work. No dishes in the sink, no laundry to be folded- just you, your desk, and your to-do list. And another thing that’s fresh and clean- remember how as a kid, summer vacation meant one shower perk week because your couch didn’t care if you stank? As an entrepreneurial adult, coming into a coworking space will force you out of your pajamas and into the productive professional world.

If it’s just not coming to you, take a break and walk around- but, more specifically, walk around in a different environment than what you’re used to. Even if you’re making a brisk lap around your neighborhood at home, it’s all too familiar to your normal life where a million things can remind you of your to-do list. Jumpstart your thought process by exploring a downtown location with lots of stimulation. You might even find a cool new spot for a drink when you’re done!

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2. Pace.

Interact with people who have been where you are in your career, and are where you want to be now. Everyone who is now at the top once started at the bottom. Make contact and ask for advice on how they became successful.

Utilize the deadlines set by business hours. At an office or at home, deadlines can be tweaked and stretched as you please by staying later. But at coworking spaces, you may not have that extra two hours to stay behind. Harness the pressure to crank out your work and leave yourself feel lighter the next day.

Cut down on distractions. One of the most tried (and true) reasonings for “yes coworking” is the lack of distractions. You can’t start a business with the dog barking and a stream of endless requests from the kids. Tuck yourself away in a corner and hone in on what needs to be done.

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3. Perks.

Get rewarded for working. Where else will there be complimentary pizza days and bagels greeting you when you walk in, simply for doing what you love?

Utilize the technology available. Amenities like office iPads and dual monitors can stimulate and streamline productivity in ways you never can at home.

Learn a new work style. Maybe at home, it’s with music blasting, the windows open, and your feet up on the coffee table. Maybe here, you find you work better listening to soft music and sitting up in a straight-backed chair is what you need to get your blood flowing.

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