Event: Learn about the Murmur App

“There are murmurs around you” reads the notification on your iPhone: an alert that you just walked into a space with personality. You swipe to open the app – five of the latest tweets from everybody in the coworking space: a few new articles they retweeted, an Instagram photo from Jessica’s last trip to Tahoe, news about the deal that Dave from upstairs just closed with his largest client since December #success.

Pumping personality into space is Murmur’s mission.

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WatchKit Workshops: Learn to build apps for WATCH

WatchKit Workshops at Sandbox-Learn to build apps for WATCH- December 16

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Like the iPhone and iPad that came before it, the Apple Watch is a whole new platform for users, which will hit the market in the spring of 2015.

On Thanksgiving, Apple released WatchKit, the software development kit (SDK) that will allow developers to build apps for the Watch. That same week, our meetup group held a hackathon where 33 teams built and presented their ideas. A few fun ones: an app that shows you when it will stop raining outside and an app that changes the speed of the music based on how hard you’re exercising. The developers who are there early have the most to gain should their app catch on.

However, in true iStyle, there are currently several limitations on what we as developers can do. We don’t have access to the hardware sensors yet, and a Watch app isn’t standalone — the code actually lives on the iPhone.

But I see these limitations as a form of focus. In the words of  interactive designer and front end developer, Jason Weaver, it is a bit like giving an artist three crayons and seeing what they can create. For one thing, when Apple announced the Watch on stage, the company showcased several partners that are using the SDK to do awesome things. The popular website Pinterest is a good example. Their app will tap you on the wrist you when you’re near a spot you’ve favorited and give you walking directions to get there. So imagine you’re in San Francisco and you’re near the Painted Ladies; one subtle tap and you’re on your way to see the picture in real life.

Another great use is an airplane app that you can use mid-flight to ask, “Where am I?” The dictation feature of the Watch will convert your voice into text and send a signal to an API. Because the airline knows your flight number, they can then send back the result to the watch —“30,000 feet.” So cool!

Everybody’s a beginner at this stuff, but through the meetup group we’re working to become a resource so that anyone can learn. We have a couple of events coming up at Sandbox Suites, including December 16th when we’ll be in Sunnyvale for Hello WatchKit. This event will provide an overview of the concepts and then cover the nitty-gritty details like working with API data. There will also be a more in-depth Bootcamp in both Sandbox Silicon Valley and Sandbox Union Square in San Francisco in January.

Ben Morrow is a developer, author, and hackathon organizer. With the Apple Watch community, he’s been teaching tools and techniques for the past six months and is ready to launch apps when the new device is released. Find more video and code at http://happy.watch­ →


When discussing valuation, startups needs to be able to demonstrate that they understand their industry completely.  Who are your competitors? What are they doing that is similar?

Companies that help you measure what is going on are called “the Peer Group.” The Peer Group must be comprised of a mixture of public companies and private companies.  What are companies like yours doing as far as fund raising and traction, and what are their value ranges?

The other important item is understanding, and being able to communicate clearly, what stage you are in. Are you in concept stage?  Early development?  Alpha/beta?  Early revenue?  This will not only clarify to potential investors exactly where you are in development but it will also help drive the discount rates used for valuation calculations.

In short, the discount rate measures business risk and the earlier stage you are, the bigger the risk.  Between the Peer Group data and the stage of development, you can come up with value ranges that are appropriate. While valuation is both an art and a science, with probably more art in the very early stage, a startup needs to be able to demonstrate to a potential investor that they understand the space that they are in and the value drivers for that space and the above helps to accomplish this.

The workshop on Thursday will explore these concepts in great detail and even illustrate what can be done with the various data points.

Event link: http://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Valley-Startup-Idea-to-IPO/events/181843222/

Please follow directions and RSVP on Eventbrite.  Sandbox Suites members attend for FREE!

Location: Sandbox Suites Silicon Valley 3295 Scott Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054 entrance in the back of the building facing the parking lot. Here is a map





This year will be sandbox’s 3rd annual valentines day startup waffle event!

Join us for another year of fluffy waffles, and good conversations. Meet sandbox members, and people in the coworking and tech community in SF. Find your future biz. dev. guy, your co-founder, or your next programmer.



Join Sandbox Suites in celebrating their big move to Santa Clara! With three locations in San Francisco and one location in Berkely Sandbox Suites Coworking Space is the hottest bay area coworking environment. People within the SBS community can network with over 500 members and an elite list of Partners.

Sandbox Suites is hosting a GRAND OPENING event for their 5th and largest location. “We hope you will join us to warm the space”

Help Sandbox Suites us welcome the office of Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski who will be presenting Sandbox Suites with a proclamation of recognition in Santa Clara county.

Bites : Enjoy some after work bites

Brews : Enjoy some after work drinks provided by Singha Beer Co

People : Meet your local representatives and network with entreprenuers and VC’s and Sandbox Suites Members!

Prizes and gifts from our Sponsors : Enter for your chance to win FREE coworking, VIP access to startup social events, free consultations for your business from local consulting firm. And plenty of swag from SJO airport and local businesses.

Please RSVP below on Eventbrite:



Join Android experts from Intel Developer Zone at Sandbox Suites’ newest coworking space in Silicon Valley and meet other Android developers for 2 days of hands-on technical sessions, developer competitions, prizes and more!

The IDZ Codefest for Android will be fueled by hundreds of KitKat bars, Ouya giveaways, dark beer, green cocktails and other goodies. And all that is FREE to attend! Register Here


Event Details Below:

7pm Doors Open and Registration
7:20-8:15 Welcome notes, Hackathon Criteria, Prizes and Agenda
Android on X86 Why Intel and What Developers Should Care About?
8:15 to 8:30 Grab Dinner and go into the Sessions
Track 1
8:30-9 pm HTML5 on Android: Intel XDK
9:00-9:30 pm iConsole.tv: Android Gaming Console by Christopher Price, founder iConsole.tv
Track 2
8:30-9pm Lanica Game Development Platform: Carlos M. Icaza, Co-Founder, Lanica
9:00-9:30pm App Game Kit: Lee Bamber, The Game Creators – Session via Google Hangout
9:30pm Hackathon Begins and 1st KitKat Challenge
1am Closing


9am Opening and Breakfast
10am KitKat Challenge
10:30 Get Team names and Apps that are being worked on and register
12pm Video Interviews and Lunch
3pm KitKat Challenge
6pm Dinner
7pm Final Demos
9pm Winners Announcement & Awards Ceremony!


Build an Android App!
You can use Intel XDK with HTML5 or leverage an x86 library in an NDK or SDK app. Keep in mind that we have a special Social Good category as well!
$3,000 cash prize for Best New App
$1,000 cash prize for Best Social Good App

Port-a-Thon/Optimization Contest
Compile and test your Android NDK App!
We’ll have devices for testing, tons of technical support and great prizes for Best Ported Apps. Take advantage of having some of the best NDK Android developers on-site to answer your questions.
Trip to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
$1,500 cash prize
$5,000 go-to-market packages for selected eligible apps
Opportunity to pitch Intel Capital
Feature on Intel’s website

HealthTech Women Comes to Sandbox

HealthTech Women brings together female professionals who share a passion for impacting global health with innovative technology.

They offer educational events, mentorship, thought leadership discussions, and access to an influential network of women in health and technology.

Tonight the lovely ladies of HealthTech are hosting an event covering gaming principles in health: including presentations and an interactive discussion, right here at Sandbox Suites South Park.

Details Below:   


Are you interested in engaging your users in a new, fun and dynamic way? Have you thought about using game principles or rewards within your product design? This panel will discuss strategies that have been successful in the gaming industry that can be incorporated in the health sector, a challenging yet highly rewarding vertical.

Come learn from some exciting and respected companies tackling health challenges through gaming principles, tactics and rewards!


Tonic Health: Sterling Lanier, Co-Founder & CEO

Keas: Lindsey Irvine: VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Zamzee: Heather Regan, VP of Product

Ayogo: Mavis Dixon, Projects and Engagement


Event Details:

Location: SandBox Suites (South Park)

6:30-7:00: Mix and Mingle

7:00-7:45: Company Presentations & Intros

7:45-8:15: Interactive Discussions

8:15-8:45: Mix and Mingle

Wine and a selection of gourmet appetizers will be available, thanks to our sponsors, Dr.Chrono and Pelesend.

Company Profiles:


Tonic (www.tonicforhealth.com) is an iPad-based medical data collection platform that uses extremely high patient engagement to dramatically improve the process of gathering, analyzing and using patient data.  Tonic is currently installed or about to be installed at such leading health systems as Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic, Mass General, New York Presbyterian, UCSF, UCLA, the VA, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Florida Hospital and Georgetown Medical Center, among others.

Tonic has broad applicability throughout healthcare, where our platform is being used for a wide range of real-time data collection and analysis needs, including Patient Intake, Patient Screening, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Reported Outcomes, Discharge Management, Academic Research, Quality of Care surveys, Patient Education andClinical Trials.

To experience the magic of Tonic firsthand, simply download our interactive demo by tapping here on your iPadhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tonic-health/id530201379?mt=8 or by searching for “Tonic Health” in the App Store (where Apple is currently showcasing Tonic as one of their featured apps in the Medical category).


Keas (www.keas.com) is the most engaging wellness program in the workplace. Keas promotes healthy behavior and teamwork with interactive media that delivers relevant, individualized content to hundreds of thousands of employees. Keas has a proven track record of supporting corporate HR in increasing retention, productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and competitiveness. By rewarding people for achieving simple exercise and nutrition goals, employee health is improved and overall healthcare costs are decreased.


Zamzee (www.zamzee.com)  is a social enterprise on a mission to make it easier for tweens and families to be more physically active. The Zamzee meter and online experience is the result of several years of research, creative thinking and design based on feedback from kids and families. Today we’re proud to say studies show that kids who use Zamzee move almost 60% more on average than kids who do not – that’s an extra 45 minutes of non-stop pushups each week.


Ayogo (www.ayogo.com) motivates people to change their lives, one fun social game at a time. We apply the behavioral psychology of games and play to the management of chronic health conditions, and patient adherence.

Better Through Play: Games & Apps for Patient Engagement & Adherence.




Summertime and the living’s easy!!


Hi Sandboxers!! Summer is officially here, and we are kicking July off with a bang!

Sandbox is co-sponsoring a startup carnival hosted by our partners The Founders Institute at Candlestick Park – July 17th, It is the final day and chapionchip of the Silicon Valley sports leauge. There will be tons of booths and games and you can watch the best teams and our old members and friends Chat Sports compete for a billboard on the 101! We will send more info when we have it and will have tickets to giveaway so keep your eyes and ears open!

In other news – We have taken over an entire floor and expanded out Berkeley location! Stop by and check it out if you are ever in the east bay. Our community manager Kiki, can give you a tour and some tips on best places in downtown Berkeley to eat and grab a summer cocktail!

Don’t Forget we are CLOSED for the Fourth of July – so take the day to enjoy the fireworks and festivities! 

JustShareIt Launch Week



Hi SBS-ers your private car sharing circle is finally set up and ready to use and share – here are the details . . .

Feeling like your car, scooter, boat isn’t getting much use?
Wish you had easy access to quick or fun transportation, provided to you by a local SF startup?
SBS alums and now SBS partners Just Share It are finally here to solve all your transportation dilemmas!

Most people with a vehicle are willing to share it, most of the time, but not with most people. The Sandbox Suites private network is designed to enable owners to better trust borrowers and to convince borrowers to take great care of owners’ cars. It also makes the Sandbox Community a little tighter, so you can discover folks in the network who you might not have otherwise met.This week is Just Share It is officially rolling out the red carpet at EACH location and signing you all up for the SANDBOX SUITES PRIVATE CAR SHARING experience. Feel free to stop by Union Square (Wednesday), and Berkeley (Thursday) to ask any and all of your questions to Jesse, JustShareIt’s Community Manager. 
Key-exchange can be a hassle sometimes, and JSI’s “RideLink” soothes any issues related to access or vehicle protection. Vehicle owners have the opportunity to get JustShareIt’s in-vehicle access and tracking hardware (RideLink), installation included.Being in the SBS community puts you in a community of like minded individuals – you are all here to add value to the world in some way. Sharing your vehicle with your peers can save them time and money and put some extra cash in your pocket each month.You’ve probably got some questions, and each Sandbox Welcome Desk host has a list of FAQs to answer those.For additional questions and for the private offer codes please send an email to sandbox@justshareit.com for a more thorough response.

Follow the Link Below to Sign up:

Intel Ultracode Hits The ‘Suites

Join us for the first Intel code&tell meetup at Sandbox Suites South Park! Come with your programming appetite and bring your hacks. We’ll have a few short code demonstrations, raffle and of course pizza and beer; if you are up to plug your computer and give a technical demo to the rest of the group let us know – we have a few more spots left.

*Update – we’ve filled all demo spots for our December meetup, however we’re already planning our January event so there’ll be more opportunities to present.

Raffle prizes:

1 high speed high capacity Intel SSD http://amzn.to/SnmRRw

1 mid capacity Intel SSD http://amzn.to/TkUId4

2 Perceptual Computing cameras

3 Intel swag bundles

Tentative Agenda:

7PM | Opening

7:30PM | Code Demos:

1. Bob Duffy will be doing a quick demo of his HTML5 vector based game and show how he added device touch, tilt and rotation input controls via WinRT APIs.

2. Gilles de Bordeaux will demo his new windows 8 app and show the power of the standard Windows 8 templates in Visual Studio 2012.

3. Raimo Tuisku will give a presentation, demo and architectural description of a real-time ball in a maze game Velomazecontrolled with an accelerometer API of modern HTML5 browsers

4. Eugene Chuvyrov will demonstrate the power of sharing and searching contracts in Windows 8 applications. Little talk, just code in both JavaScript and C# showing how easy it is to implement these powerful and valuable features of Windows 8 apps.

5. Giorgio Zamparelli will be demoing his Android app Famenu(work in progress) and talk about the open source frameworks he used to put it together

6. Gayathri will demo a photo app showcasing pinch, zoom and swipe gestures. Ambient light sensor, orientation sensor and accelerometer. She will also talk about a good UI design for touch interfaces. *We will also get to see a Perceptual Computing demoby Gayathri at the Ultrabooks sandbox during the break.

8:30PM | Pizza break and time to play with the new Ultrabooks!

9PM | More Code Demos:

1. Bruno Terkaly will present two projects: an Azure back-end webservice that made calls into Google maps to retrieve geo-location information. The second project is a Windows 8 application that calls into the Azure cloud service, passing in GPS coordinates.When the cloud service received the coordinates, it used Google maps to give more details about the location to the Windows 8 application.

2. Chris Skaggs (Soma Games) will demo their Wind Up Footballgame using all the bells and whistles of the Ultrabook. He could speak to anyone wanting to use Unity as tool for development on Win 8 and the Ultrabook.

3. Giacomo Balli will be demoing his Coin Toss Extreme gamebuilt entirely in HTML5 he’ll go through all aspects of it and share code snippets.

4. James Edwards will be showing a practical use for variadic templates with a safe printf example. Also touches on type traits.

9:45PM | Raffle and Giveaways

10PM | Closing

Feel free to use #ultracode on twitter.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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