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Guest Post by Murmur Co-Founder Adam Becker

“There are murmurs around you” reads the notification on your iPhone: an alert that you just walked into a space with personality. You swipe to open the app – five of the latest tweets from everybody in the coworking space: a few new articles they retweeted, an Instagram photo from Jessica’s last trip to Tahoe, news about the deal that Dave from upstairs just closed with his largest client since December #success.

Pumping personality into space is Murmur’s mission. To do it, co-founders Eugene Joseph and Adam Becker began by building an app that allows you to see the tweets of everybody within Bluetooth range. An entirely new way of keeping updated with what people around you are interested in and a new way to engage with them.

Our short term goal is to cover up Berkeley with a large Bluetooth cloud, where people’s tweets are liberated and roam free, where specific content hovers around specific locations. We’re out to build three types of Bluetooth nests in Berkeley – places where you’re sure to find these murmurs: schools, stores and coworking spaces. All three have the right conditions: they are dense, stationary, and ripe with information.

Coworking spaces like Sandbox Suites, we believe, are ideal environments for murmurs to thrive. Busy teams don’t often have the time to keep in touch with all of the other teams in the coworking space, but many of the teams already use Twitter – so all they have to do is plug into the Murmur app.

On July 8th, we’ll be coming to present our product during the Lunch and Learn, talk about our development, and paint our vision for the role of Sandbox. Mark your calendars- you don’t want to miss this one.

You can learn more about us at www.getonmurmur.com and download Murmur at apple.co/1EJm1V9. Register here for the event.

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