We Lost Our Office Space, and That Was a Good Thing.


We struggled with self doubt. We reflected on past mistakes, and we wished we would have seen many things coming a lot sooner. Your average run of the mill pity party. Unfortunately that crap doesn’t help anybody do anything so we moved forward. We realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally get this location right.

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WatchKit Workshops: Learn to build apps for WATCH

WatchKit Workshops at Sandbox-Learn to build apps for WATCH- December 16

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Like the iPhone and iPad that came before it, the Apple Watch is a whole new platform for users, which will hit the market in the spring of 2015.

On Thanksgiving, Apple released WatchKit, the software development kit (SDK) that will allow developers to build apps for the Watch. That same week, our meetup group held a hackathon where 33 teams built and presented their ideas. A few fun ones: an app that shows you when it will stop raining outside and an app that changes the speed of the music based on how hard you’re exercising. The developers who are there early have the most to gain should their app catch on.

However, in true iStyle, there are currently several limitations on what we as developers can do. We don’t have access to the hardware sensors yet, and a Watch app isn’t standalone — the code actually lives on the iPhone.

But I see these limitations as a form of focus. In the words of  interactive designer and front end developer, Jason Weaver, it is a bit like giving an artist three crayons and seeing what they can create. For one thing, when Apple announced the Watch on stage, the company showcased several partners that are using the SDK to do awesome things. The popular website Pinterest is a good example. Their app will tap you on the wrist you when you’re near a spot you’ve favorited and give you walking directions to get there. So imagine you’re in San Francisco and you’re near the Painted Ladies; one subtle tap and you’re on your way to see the picture in real life.

Another great use is an airplane app that you can use mid-flight to ask, “Where am I?” The dictation feature of the Watch will convert your voice into text and send a signal to an API. Because the airline knows your flight number, they can then send back the result to the watch —“30,000 feet.” So cool!

Everybody’s a beginner at this stuff, but through the meetup group we’re working to become a resource so that anyone can learn. We have a couple of events coming up at Sandbox Suites, including December 16th when we’ll be in Sunnyvale for Hello WatchKit. This event will provide an overview of the concepts and then cover the nitty-gritty details like working with API data. There will also be a more in-depth Bootcamp in both Sandbox Silicon Valley and Sandbox Union Square in San Francisco in January.

Ben Morrow is a developer, author, and hackathon organizer. With the Apple Watch community, he’s been teaching tools and techniques for the past six months and is ready to launch apps when the new device is released. Find more video and code at http://happy.watch­ →


Sandbox startup Breeze, formerly ZephyrCar is disrupting SF ride-sharing by providing rental cars for Uber and Lyft drivers.

A San Francisco startup working out of SBS’s offices is renting brand-new Toyota Priuses to people who want to drive for Uber and Lyft.

“There is huge demand from people who don’t own cars to be part of the ‘ride-sharing’ economy,” said Jeff Pang, CEO and co-founder of Breeze, formerly called Zephyr. “We are solving the problem of getting more drivers on the road.”

Breeze now has 25 cars, all fully booked by drivers who answered its Craigslist ads or heard about it from friends, Pang said. Drivers pay the company $20 a day plus 25 cents a mile, typically totaling $40 or $50 a day, Pang said. Drivers pay for their own gas. (Previously it charged $50 on weekdays and $75 on Saturdays with no mileage charge.)

“At $50 a day, we are effectively cash-flow positive,” Pang said.

Where the cars come from and what they cost are crucial questions that the 2-month-old company declined to answer.

“We don’t buy outright, as that’s a capital-intensive, asset-heavy model,” said co-founderNed Ryan.

Instead, Breeze rents the vehicles from an unnamed partner in the automotive industry, Pang said. “Our partnership gives us unlimited access to cars for the near future.” Breeze will switch the cars out annually to keep down maintenance costs.

Who is the partner? “That’s our secret sauce we can’t reveal,” Pang said.

Insurance is a huge and still-evolving issue for app-enabled ride services like Uber and Lyft.

Drivers share cars

Breeze requires drivers to get personal insurance tied to their rented car and gives them $150 a month to cover it. Drivers are assigned to specific cars; generally two people share a vehicle with each reserving full 24-hour days. One might drive on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and the other on the week’s remaining four days, for instance.

Pang said there is no requirement for members to inform insurers that they will be driving for the ride services. However, when The Chronicle interviewed three drivers, he requested that their last names be withheld. Revealing their full names “would jeopardize their livelihood with the insurance companies,” he said. “Insurance companies will ban you if you disclose you’re doing ‘ride sharing.’ ”

Pang said the insurance is designed to cover the drivers’ personal use of the cars. “Uber and Lyft act as the primary form of coverage while the app is on,” he said in an e-mail.

That is not strictly true. Uber and Lyft have “excess” policies, designed to kick in after the personal policy is exhausted. Also, while Uber’s insurance now applies as soon as its app is on, Lyft’s coverage only starts once a driver has accepted a ride request.

The three drivers, Pamela, Luke and Steve, have each been renting Breeze cars for a month or less, and driving full time. Each said they are happy with their relationship with Breeze and its pricing. Luke and Pamela own personal cars but said they are too old to pass muster with the ride companies.

The emergence of “supply-side feeder” businesses like Breeze validates how quickly smartphone ride services have matured, said Lisa Gansky, founder of consulting firm Mesh Labs, which specializes in collaborative economy issues. She has investments in ride service Sidecar and in peer-to-peer car-rental marketplace RelayRides.

However, she was taken aback by the business model.

“It’s hard to imagine that this has either sufficient margin or scale to be meaningful in terms of profits,” she said.

She also questioned whether the insurance was sufficiently robust.

Sourcing questions

Chris Brown, executive editor of Auto Rental News, was perplexed by Breeze’s car sourcing.

“Who in their right mind would rent out brand-new Priuses to a broker who then rents out to someone else for low prices?” he said. Margins seem “really thin when you consider that there is an extra layer; the guy renting out the Priuses will want to make money too.”

New cars lose value rapidly. “It doesn’t quite add up when you consider the amount of depreciation as you put miles on a car and the costs of ownership per mile,” Brown said

Pang said Breeze is pursuing partnerships with Uber and Lyft. Neither of those companies commented. Uber has a pilot program with General Motors and Toyota to help its drivers buy cars at favorable rates.

Breeze is currently bootstrapped by its founders and hopes to do fundraising soon, Pang said.

Pang, Ryan and third co-founder Charlie Fang have today’s requisite entrepreneur resumes: They’ve done stints in business development or engineering at companies such as Twitter, Uber, Homejoy and Goldman Sachs. Two have Stanford degrees. All take turns driving for the ride services to stay in touch with their market.

Pang said Breeze expects to have hundreds of cars in the Bay Area by year end, all from the unnamed source. “There are no supply constraints there,” he said.

Breeze also hopes to expand into other markets, starting with Los Angeles, but would need to line up a different supplier, he said.


Work Design Magazine: Articles on the Changing Nature of Work - Exploring How Workplaces Are Changing

California-based Sandbox Suites cut the ribbon on their fifth coworking space in September. At 10,000 square feet, it’s the largest Sandbox location yet, and the first in Silicon Valley (the others are in San Francisco and Berkeley).

In addition to the expanded space, Sandbox will also offer expanded business services, like legal and management consulting, for its members. At the moment, they are working with Trivium, a management consulting firm, to create a platform for Sandbox’s coworkers to tap into HR, finance, and accounting resources.

These expanded services have accompanied the opening of the new location, but will be made available to all Sandbox members.

Style-wise, Sandbox went with Mondrian-inspired blocks of color that mimic the company’s logo.



“We wanted a clean look that was still edgy and artistic,” said Shadi Nayyer, Sandbox’s marketing director. “There’s a good balance in the space – the murals on the wall, juxtaposed with an otherwise clean cut look.”


According to Nayyer, the facility – which can accommodate up to 113 coworkers at once – is usually busiest in the afternoon, but on “Pizza Fridays” and “Bagel Tuesdays” they see a steady stream of members all day.

“People come to hang out and network with the other members,” said Nayyer. In addition to luring coworkers with food, Sandbox also hosts after hours events for their members – a recent “hack-a-thon” drew over 100 people, who formed teams and built an app.

“The community atmosphere is fun and exciting to work out of,” said Nayyer. “We want to use this location to build a stronger network of coworkers and a stronger coworking community.”



Published Jan 3, 2014 – Work Design Magazine


Join Sandbox Suites in celebrating their big move to Santa Clara! With three locations in San Francisco and one location in Berkely Sandbox Suites Coworking Space is the hottest bay area coworking environment. People within the SBS community can network with over 500 members and an elite list of Partners.

Sandbox Suites is hosting a GRAND OPENING event for their 5th and largest location. “We hope you will join us to warm the space”

Help Sandbox Suites us welcome the office of Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski who will be presenting Sandbox Suites with a proclamation of recognition in Santa Clara county.

Bites : Enjoy some after work bites

Brews : Enjoy some after work drinks provided by Singha Beer Co

People : Meet your local representatives and network with entreprenuers and VC’s and Sandbox Suites Members!

Prizes and gifts from our Sponsors : Enter for your chance to win FREE coworking, VIP access to startup social events, free consultations for your business from local consulting firm. And plenty of swag from SJO airport and local businesses.

Please RSVP below on Eventbrite:



Join Android experts from Intel Developer Zone at Sandbox Suites’ newest coworking space in Silicon Valley and meet other Android developers for 2 days of hands-on technical sessions, developer competitions, prizes and more!

The IDZ Codefest for Android will be fueled by hundreds of KitKat bars, Ouya giveaways, dark beer, green cocktails and other goodies. And all that is FREE to attend! Register Here


Event Details Below:

7pm Doors Open and Registration
7:20-8:15 Welcome notes, Hackathon Criteria, Prizes and Agenda
Android on X86 Why Intel and What Developers Should Care About?
8:15 to 8:30 Grab Dinner and go into the Sessions
Track 1
8:30-9 pm HTML5 on Android: Intel XDK
9:00-9:30 pm iConsole.tv: Android Gaming Console by Christopher Price, founder iConsole.tv
Track 2
8:30-9pm Lanica Game Development Platform: Carlos M. Icaza, Co-Founder, Lanica
9:00-9:30pm App Game Kit: Lee Bamber, The Game Creators – Session via Google Hangout
9:30pm Hackathon Begins and 1st KitKat Challenge
1am Closing


9am Opening and Breakfast
10am KitKat Challenge
10:30 Get Team names and Apps that are being worked on and register
12pm Video Interviews and Lunch
3pm KitKat Challenge
6pm Dinner
7pm Final Demos
9pm Winners Announcement & Awards Ceremony!


Build an Android App!
You can use Intel XDK with HTML5 or leverage an x86 library in an NDK or SDK app. Keep in mind that we have a special Social Good category as well!
$3,000 cash prize for Best New App
$1,000 cash prize for Best Social Good App

Port-a-Thon/Optimization Contest
Compile and test your Android NDK App!
We’ll have devices for testing, tons of technical support and great prizes for Best Ported Apps. Take advantage of having some of the best NDK Android developers on-site to answer your questions.
Trip to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
$1,500 cash prize
$5,000 go-to-market packages for selected eligible apps
Opportunity to pitch Intel Capital
Feature on Intel’s website




October 21, 2013


Shadi Nayyer

Director of Marketing, Sandbox Suites

E: Shadi [at] sandboxsuites.com


PALO ALTO, CA – Sandbox Suites has created a space for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and business leaders to come and work in a high end startup environment. Sandbox Suites will serve the cities of Silicon Valley with a CoWork and Innovation/Incubation space, with turnkey solutions. The unique space allows its members to interact with like-minded individuals and concentrate on “getting things done”, not office space management.

Key benefits of coworking enable people to mingle with top entrepreneurs and have increased productivity all within a completely collaborative space.

“74% of coworkers say they have become more productive since joining a space” – deskmag

With the understanding that while working for yourself can be liberating and satisfying, without the right facility, it can also be unproductive and lonely.Sandbox Suites renovated a 20,000 sq foot space where startups and individuals can have their ideas and projects flourish in a productive and inspiring environment.

Sandbox members, partners, and graduates, have included names like Twitter, TaskRabbit, AllThingsD, Blue Bottle Coffee, Mc Hammer, and Chomp who were recently acquired by local Silicon Valley giant, Apple.

Sandbox Suites members have access to multiple locations around the bay area, with the ability to connect with over 500 members. Memberships range from hot desking to assigned and unassigned seating, private offices, conference rooms, and include networking events, lunches and happy hours, all for a low monthly price.

“We look forward to our continued growth within the bay area with plans to add additional locations in the north bay, peninsula, as well as branch out to other cities across the country. Our upcoming plans are to expand our services to include startup acceleration, business services, legal and management consulting, to help accelerate our members growth. With our all inclusive coworking platform we will help our members reach unprecedented heights.”


Sandbox Suites Expands to the Silicon Valley!

SBS is Expanding!

We are so pleased and excited to announce that Sandbox Suites is Expanding! We are headed south to the Silicon Valley, to open up our 5th location! Thanks to all of you, and all of your support over the last few years we have been able to grow, and build this amazing community for everyone to share.

The new location is in the heart of the Valley. We are located in Palo Alto, right of Great America Parkway. This location will be our largest space at over 17,000 sq feet! With a similar vibe to SBS South Park, there will be conference rooms, private desk’s and plenty of open space to stop in and use for the day! We are walking distance to Specialty’s Deli and Peet’s, and several other dining establishments. Not to mention just a hop, skip, and jump away from Great America, the new 49’ers Stadium (set to open in 2014), and the AMC theatres and Westfield Shopping Center. Seriously! It’s all within 5 minutes of the space!

Our expected open date is September 9th, and we will be announcing more info about the ribbon cutting and opening party soon! Right now we are tearing down some walls and “Sandboxifying” the space!

We are currently adding people to the wait list for office space and meeting rooms. So reserve your spot now!

If you have any questions, or would like more info regarding the space – email us at info[at]sandboxsuites.com.

Sandbox Members: Get the most out of your membership!

Sandbox Suites has partnered with Farm to Table produce delivery service Full Circle.

Aren’t we lucky!?! – We get to have local and organically grown produce delivered right to our office!

The weekly delivery day is Wednesday with pickup hours from 2:00 to 6:00 PM, and Sandbox Suites is now live as a Full Circle Farm-to-Table pickup site for both the South Park and the Union Square locations

Sandbox Community and Members can sign up by visiting our website at fullcircle.com and looking for “San Francisco – Sandbox Suites Union Square” or “San Francisco – Sandbox Suites South Park” in the pull-down menu.  Using the promo code “SANDBOX” will entitle you to $10 off your first order!!

Check out the info below!



New Parking Rules in SoMa / Mission Bay

Parking near Sandbox Suites South Park is getting pricier in the evenings and during events at the ballpark starting next month, transit officials announced Tuesday.

Just a few days ago on March 4, meters began to remain operating until 10 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays in the area close to the ballpark at Third and King streets.

The meters also cost more during days of San Francisco Giants games or other events there, according to the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency.

—– —– ——

To better manage increasing parking and traffic demand, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will debut evening metering and event rates at meters in the blocks around AT&T Park on Monday, March 4.

Meters on blocks within walking distance of AT&T Park will operate until 10pm Monday to Saturday and be priced lower on non-event nights. These changes will make more parking spots available in South Beach and Mission Bay, especially during events, and help reduce congestion by discouraging circling for parking near the ballpark. Circling pollutes the air, slows Muni buses trying to move through the area, and provides more opportunities for conflicts with people on foot or on bicycles. Managing parking to reduce circling reduces all of those adverse impacts.

Rates at SFMTA meters after 6pm will be set at $0.25/hr, except during events. The first event with special meter rates is the World Baseball Classic at AT&T Park, which runs March 17-19. During events, metered parking will cost $5 or $7 per hour, depending on proximity to AT&T Park.


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