HealthTech Women Comes to Sandbox

HealthTech Women brings together female professionals who share a passion for impacting global health with innovative technology.

They offer educational events, mentorship, thought leadership discussions, and access to an influential network of women in health and technology.

Tonight the lovely ladies of HealthTech are hosting an event covering gaming principles in health: including presentations and an interactive discussion, right here at Sandbox Suites South Park.

Details Below:

Are you interested in engaging your users in a new, fun and dynamic way? Have you thought about using game principles or rewards within your product design? This panel will discuss strategies that have been successful in the gaming industry that can be incorporated in the health sector, a challenging yet highly rewarding vertical.

Come learn from some exciting and respected companies tackling health challenges through gaming principles, tactics and rewards!


Tonic Health: Sterling Lanier, Co-Founder & CEO

Keas: Lindsey Irvine: VP Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Zamzee: Heather Regan, VP of Product

Ayogo: Mavis Dixon, Projects and Engagement


Event Details:

Location: SandBox Suites (South Park)

6:30-7:00: Mix and Mingle

7:00-7:45: Company Presentations & Intros

7:45-8:15: Interactive Discussions

8:15-8:45: Mix and Mingle

Wine and a selection of gourmet appetizers will be available, thanks to our sponsors, Dr.Chrono and Pelesend.

Company Profiles:


Tonic ( is an iPad-based medical data collection platform that uses extremely high patient engagement to dramatically improve the process of gathering, analyzing and using patient data.  Tonic is currently installed or about to be installed at such leading health systems as Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic, Mass General, New York Presbyterian, UCSF, UCLA, the VA, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Florida Hospital and Georgetown Medical Center, among others.

Tonic has broad applicability throughout healthcare, where our platform is being used for a wide range of real-time data collection and analysis needs, including Patient Intake, Patient Screening, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Reported Outcomes, Discharge Management, Academic Research, Quality of Care surveys, Patient Education andClinical Trials.

To experience the magic of Tonic firsthand, simply download our interactive demo by tapping here on your iPad or by searching for “Tonic Health” in the App Store (where Apple is currently showcasing Tonic as one of their featured apps in the Medical category).


Keas ( is the most engaging wellness program in the workplace. Keas promotes healthy behavior and teamwork with interactive media that delivers relevant, individualized content to hundreds of thousands of employees. Keas has a proven track record of supporting corporate HR in increasing retention, productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and competitiveness. By rewarding people for achieving simple exercise and nutrition goals, employee health is improved and overall healthcare costs are decreased.


Zamzee (  is a social enterprise on a mission to make it easier for tweens and families to be more physically active. The Zamzee meter and online experience is the result of several years of research, creative thinking and design based on feedback from kids and families. Today we’re proud to say studies show that kids who use Zamzee move almost 60% more on average than kids who do not – that’s an extra 45 minutes of non-stop pushups each week.


Ayogo ( motivates people to change their lives, one fun social game at a time. We apply the behavioral psychology of games and play to the management of chronic health conditions, and patient adherence.

Better Through Play: Games & Apps for Patient Engagement & Adherence.




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Aren’t we lucky!?! – We get to have local and organically grown produce delivered right to our office!

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Check out the info below!



Yetizen and SBS “coplaying” together!




SBS Friends and family – welcome Yetizen to the club! Our community is growing here in SF and the only logical step would be to partner with a local gaming accelerator to bring you an innovative space – great discounted rental rates and a community of events. 

Yetizen is a gaming accelerator focused entirely on game studio and emerging platform startups. They help game startups build and strengthen their business models, marketing strategies, and market position while simultaneously connecting them with a network of seed partners, angels and VCs. These companies are also given access to partnership deals to accelerate their user acquisition and distribution.

Each Accelerator Round has a maximum of 10 candidates, those with the most promising revolutionary or disruptive new ideas and promising portfolios are selected from hundreds of applicants. More info about the Acceleration Process here.

The innovation Lab:

A play on co-working, at Yetizen they aren’t coworking, the are coplaying! During the day the Innovation Lab provides a free co-play environment for game developers to work collaboratively as well as network with each other and larger companies to find synergies and build stronger game businesses. This co-play space is FREE for anyone in the games industry to use. More info about the Innovation Lab here.

The Team at Yetizen:

I had the lovely privilege of meeting Sana Choudary YetiZen cofounder and CEO – Not only is she a creative artistic individual but she has a reputation for being a powerful force and mentor for creating successful entrepreneurs. We are excited to have built a partnership with her and the Yetizen “players”.

If you have an interest in checking out YetiZen – or renting an office with and SBS exclusive discount please email Shadi[at]sandboxsuites for a discount offer exclusively for SBS members.

JustShareIt Launch Week



Hi SBS-ers your private car sharing circle is finally set up and ready to use and share – here are the details . . .

Feeling like your car, scooter, boat isn’t getting much use?
Wish you had easy access to quick or fun transportation, provided to you by a local SF startup?
SBS alums and now SBS partners Just Share It are finally here to solve all your transportation dilemmas!

Most people with a vehicle are willing to share it, most of the time, but not with most people. The Sandbox Suites private network is designed to enable owners to better trust borrowers and to convince borrowers to take great care of owners’ cars. It also makes the Sandbox Community a little tighter, so you can discover folks in the network who you might not have otherwise met.This week is Just Share It is officially rolling out the red carpet at EACH location and signing you all up for the SANDBOX SUITES PRIVATE CAR SHARING experience. Feel free to stop by Union Square (Wednesday), and Berkeley (Thursday) to ask any and all of your questions to Jesse, JustShareIt’s Community Manager. 
Key-exchange can be a hassle sometimes, and JSI’s “RideLink” soothes any issues related to access or vehicle protection. Vehicle owners have the opportunity to get JustShareIt’s in-vehicle access and tracking hardware (RideLink), installation included.Being in the SBS community puts you in a community of like minded individuals – you are all here to add value to the world in some way. Sharing your vehicle with your peers can save them time and money and put some extra cash in your pocket each month.You’ve probably got some questions, and each Sandbox Welcome Desk host has a list of FAQs to answer those.For additional questions and for the private offer codes please send an email to for a more thorough response.

Follow the Link Below to Sign up:

Flurry TechHub SF – Hosting Monthly Developer meetups at SBS!

Sandbox has partnered with Flurry TechHub to bring the SBS some valuable tech centric events. 

Flurry TechHub is a free-to-attend event that brings together high-caliber developers, founders, entrepreneurs and investors in the technology community. Group Meetups include both technical and market-oriented sessions and meet on a monthly basis. Their primary objective is to educate the market and help expand and inspire the developer base in creating and monetizing mobile applications. Flurry TechHub Meetups are held across the world’s top tech centers including San Francisco, New York, and London.

Meet the smartest, most innovative tech entrepreneurs in your community. Build relationships and share ideas in a relaxed setting over free drinks, free food and free knowledge.

Flurry TechHub’s first SBS hosted event will be TOMORROW evening Tuesday August 28th at 6pm at our South Park space. Tomorrow evening’s meetup will focus on “making some killer android apps!”  Details below. Please RSVP on eventbrite.

Making money on Android can be hard.  Many developers devote countless hours to building, testing, and marketing their apps only to fall short.  In this meetup, we’ll go over everything you need to know to get started including tips, tricks and benchmarks to reach optimal performance.  We’ll look at continuous integration and automated android builds, and testing of android devices out in the wild.  We’ve pulled together a panel of developer experts from across the app industry to describe their testing Dos and Don’ts. 


Join us: Tuesday, August 28 at Sandbox Suites for pizza, beer, networking and hear some success stories from developers who dedicate their time and efforts towards making some killer android apps.
Moderator: Bisera Ferrero, Sr. Solutions Architect @ Flurry
  • Nicholas Talarico, Founder & CEO of 12Gigs
  • David Zhang, Lead Developer, SideCar

Meet iMeet – Sandbox Welcome’s Our Exciting New Partner via Virtual Meeting!

Meetings, meetings, meetings. They rule our corporate and professional experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re profit or non-profit, professional or corporation, freelancer or consultant, employee or owner, chances are you have sat through a variation of one; budget one, planning one, boring one, rebel-rousing one, development one, strategy one, review one, focus group one, termination one, conference call one…. there is at least one that you’ve sat through.

Now, think of your last conference call one. Ever sat through a really bad one? Phone line down, signal dead, can’t call out, scratchy voice, lost connection, sound keeps fading, call keeps dropping, echo in the background, wrong number, wrong time zone?

What was your gripe?

Whatever it was, there’s a good chance a new disruptive startup called iMeet can solve that.

We recently played nice and shook hands with iMeet with whom we are we are most excited to announce a fantastic new partnership that is sure to streamline with our support of Bay Area start-up innovators.

iMeet is a fantastic social networking tool that was created to provide a global community of event planners, freelancers, suppliers of professional services, businesses and anyone needing to connect virtually with clients. Think online meeting room meets video conferencing with a smattering of instant messaging. FacebookForum+GoogleChat+Skype.



For a flat monthly fee, schedule a meeting, send out your web address to your attendees, have them connect for free and proceed with your meeting: that easy! Individuals without a webcam video are free to connect via their mobile device or phone. The best? No software or downloads!

As the host of the meeting, no roll call is ever needed; attendees log onto virtual ‘meeting rooms’ and when they speak, their cubes glow. This is a fantastic idea that will instantly give your business some serious street cred and sheen of Web 2.0 savviness.

So, if you’ve ever had ‘one’ of those conference calls that went down the toilet due to tired software or outdated connectivity, try iMeet.

As partners with Sandbox Suites, this advantage could make the difference to that next call that happens to be the ‘big’ one. Just for our Sandbox members, iMeet is offering an exclusive 60 day extended free trial offer. All you need to do is go to Sandbox and iMeet’s co-branded landing page URL to sign up –

As one blogger called it, its a whole new video conferencing system bringing together phone, video and personality in a personal online meeting room.” We love the sound of that.


Authored by: Kiki Mwiti of Sandbox Suites

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