The 4 Most Daunting Things About Working Alone (and How to Confront Them)

Working remotely typically comes with a high sense of freedom and, for many people, has become the new normal when it comes to work environments. Yet, despite the fact that remote work increased a whopping 159% from 2005 to 2017 and continues to grow, it’s common to find people who are a little reluctant to move to full-time solo status because of all the unknowns. If you’re considering pursuing remote work, here are four of the most daunting things about working alone (and how to confront them).

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Member of the month: KidsAppBox

It’s not a surprise that most children would rather play video games than read a book.

As technology advances, it can consume a lot of our time. KidsAppBox, an educational game developing company is fully aware of the distraction technology may have on children. As parents themselves, they were determined to find a way to make learning fun. KidsAppBox reached 30 million downloads in four years.

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Member of the Month: Alex Verbeck

“I wanted to provide something that made a little more sense for people who aren’t lawyers,” Alex said. “I’m pretty good at being a teacher, and I think that’s a lot of what you should look for in a lawyer. Not only for the lawyer tasks but someone who will tell the client where you are in the process and which parts of their case are really important.”

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Member of the Month: Decus Biomedical

Grace Bartoo has operated out of a variety of spaces over the last 12 years. She has rented offices in buildings around the Bay. She has paid month-to-month on a separate house. She has even opened her own home to her 9 employees, giving each a key to her front door as they flowed like a river around her dining room table.

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Member of the Month: Stephanie Tomasky

For many in the startup industry, where a few slices of free pizza can seem like early Christmas, video products might be firmly placed in the ‘I can do without it’ category. Not only does Stephanie understand the struggle of deciding what comes first- the marketing or the success- she knows the frustrations behind the real question: where do you even begin?

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Why I Love Working at Sandbox Suites

I got to work with a lot of people that were around my age and I made great money, but what I loved about that job the most were the people I got to work with and had the pleasure of meeting.

One person that comes to mind was a 63-year-old, sassy, tall drink of water from Beaumont, Texas named Deborah. She always had a great attitude, was in great physical shape and was hilarious. I remember her saying that she loved what she did career-wise and I respected her for that. Her words really resonated with me.

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