How We Took Control Of Our Calendar.

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With four spaces scattered across the Bay Area in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Palo Alto, we at Sandbox Suites have a lot on our plates. Every day, we provide the means for more than 3,000 entrepreneurs to complete tasks on their to-do lists. Our members are constantly making calls, achieving goals, and organizing meetings.

We weren’t always this on top of our game. Especially when it came to meeting rooms.


Years ago, we used a booking system that shall now remain nameless. This system was needed to record meeting room bookings from both members and non-members, which we received through emails, phone calls, carrier pigeons, smoke signals, etc.

Once a member booked a room, we blocked it off in both the system as well as Google Calendar. We had to be careful not to double book, or not to book in one but not both. Availability could be checked on clipboards hung outside of each meeting room.

The chance for human error was enormous. Not only could the community managers become distracted while scheduling by a phone call or an incoming client, the calendars often wouldn’t sync to display the same bookings. Members developed a habit of accidentally scratching out other reservations on the clipboard. And even if all the information was correct, one change in time or room size could send the whole domino line toppling.


As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but even then we knew we had to make a change. Enter our saving grace: CalenGoo.

With the help of a developer, we created a reservation system which allows members and non-members alike to book directly into Google Calendar. This cut out the phone-answering, email-responding middle men who are prone to distraction. CalenGoo automatically transfers the bookings onto Android tablets posted outside of every meeting room so members know exactly what to expect.

Its like the best possible version of a community manager. Ever vigilant, CalenGoo scans Google Calendar for new bookings, updates, and manual inputs whenever a customer makes a booking in person. Unlike other systems that promised us a 2-way sync, CalenGoo actually provides. It makes sure if changes occur on one screen, like the tablets, the same changes are reflected on every screen. There’s no chance of a double booking; whats entered into Google Calendar is automatically updated, and vice versa.

We can also update Google Calendar from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


Booking a Room

CalenGoo now manages hundreds of meetings for us. There’s no more confusion between bookings, no more distractions, no more clipboards. Its the perfect solution for all our organizational problems.

Now THAT’s how we get things done.

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