Yetizen and SBS “coplaying” together!

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SBS Friends and family – welcome Yetizen to the club! Our community is growing here in SF and the only logical step would be to partner with a local gaming accelerator to bring you an innovative space – great discounted rental rates and a community of events. 

Yetizen is a gaming accelerator focused entirely on game studio and emerging platform startups. They help game startups build and strengthen their business models, marketing strategies, and market position while simultaneously connecting them with a network of seed partners, angels and VCs. These companies are also given access to partnership deals to accelerate their user acquisition and distribution.

Each Accelerator Round has a maximum of 10 candidates, those with the most promising revolutionary or disruptive new ideas and promising portfolios are selected from hundreds of applicants. More info about the Acceleration Process here.

The innovation Lab:

A play on co-working, at Yetizen they aren’t coworking, the are coplaying! During the day the Innovation Lab provides a free co-play environment for game developers to work collaboratively as well as network with each other and larger companies to find synergies and build stronger game businesses. This co-play space is FREE for anyone in the games industry to use. More info about the Innovation Lab here.

The Team at Yetizen:

I had the lovely privilege of meeting Sana Choudary YetiZen cofounder and CEO – Not only is she a creative artistic individual but she has a reputation for being a powerful force and mentor for creating successful entrepreneurs. We are excited to have built a partnership with her and the Yetizen “players”.

If you have an interest in checking out YetiZen – or renting an office with and SBS exclusive discount please email Shadi[at]sandboxsuites for a discount offer exclusively for SBS members.

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