Monthly solo

If you need a way to organize your professional life and be more productive, then these memberships are a simple and easy way to get started. The best part is, since all membership are month to month, your workspace can adjust with your schedule! Also, your membership entitles you to use any of our locations with no extra cost.

click on membership type for details Rate /month Meeting hrs/month Hours of use
Virtual Presence Address, mailbox, & discounts $75 - -
Digital Bedouin Any open desk - weekdays only $295 4 9am-6pm
Frequent Flyer Any open desk $345 4 24/7
Second Home Private Desk $495 8 24/7
Night Owl Any open desk - Nights & Weekends $175 - 6pm-12am
Skybox for one Private furnished office (SOMA only) $595 8 24/7

Monthly Teams

Once your company or project outgrows the single owner business phase, Sandbox Suites can provide you with a turn-key solution for your growth. We offer several team rooms to choose from, set-up for 3 to 6 people. The team facilities are specifically created to enhance team work and productivity. The rates for the team rooms are month to month and as always at Sandbox Suites there are no contracts, leases or signup fees.

click on membership type for details Rate /month Meeting hrs/month
Launch Pad 2 Private furnished room for 2 $975 - $1190 10
Launch Pad 3 Private furnished room for 3 $1275 - $1785 12
Launch Pad 4 Private furnished room for 4 $1645 - $2380 16
Launch Pad 5 Private furnished room for 5 $1950 - $2975 20
Launch Pad 6 Private furnished room for 6 $2450 - $3570 24
Launch Pad 7 Private furnished room for 7 $2750 - $2950 28

Day by Day

Are you a road warrior in need of a reliable pit stop? Is your schedule so hectic you don't know where you'll be calling home next week? Then these day-by-day options are just what you need to get things done!

click on membership type for details Rate Hours of use
Full Day Pass All day drop-in desk $20 9am-6pm
10 Pack of Day Passes Or 20 pack of 1/2 day passes $180 9am-6pm
SBS memberships are tax deductible
Please consult your accounting professional