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Member of the Month: Alex Verbeck

“I wanted to provide something that made a little more sense for people who aren’t lawyers,” Alex said. “I’m pretty good at being a teacher, and I think that’s a lot of what you should look for in a lawyer. Not only for the lawyer tasks but someone who will tell the client where you are in the process and which parts of their case are really important.”

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How We Took Control Of Our Calendar.

Years ago, we used a booking system that shall now remain nameless. This system was needed to record meeting room bookings from both members and non-members, which we received through emails, phone calls, carrier pigeons, smoke signals, etc.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20, but even then we knew we had to make a change.

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Member of the Month: Stephanie Tomasky

For many in the startup industry, where a few slices of free pizza can seem like early Christmas, video products might be firmly placed in the ‘I can do without it’ category. Not only does Stephanie understand the struggle of deciding what comes first- the marketing or the success- she knows the frustrations behind the real question: where do you even begin?

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Why I Love Working at Sandbox Suites

I got to work with a lot of people that were around my age and I made great money, but what I loved about that job the most were the people I got to work with and had the pleasure of meeting.

One person that comes to mind was a 63-year-old, sassy, tall drink of water from Beaumont, Texas named Deborah. She always had a great attitude, was in great physical shape and was hilarious. I remember her saying that she loved what she did career-wise and I respected her for that. Her words really resonated with me.

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We Lost Our Office Space, and That Was a Good Thing.


We struggled with self doubt. We reflected on past mistakes, and we wished we would have seen many things coming a lot sooner. Your average run of the mill pity party. Unfortunately that crap doesn’t help anybody do anything so we moved forward. We realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally get this location right.

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Is Standing Really Better for Your Health?

Health specialists have been quick to tell us time and again that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to what kills us. Between the 12 hours we spend sitting at a computer and watching TV, plus the 8 hours we’re sleeping, that’s approximately 20 hours we spend each day without motion.

In the last decade, standing desks have become the new craze to defy the downfalls of sitting. Dozens of styles exist, ranging everywhere in price from a few hundred to a cool thousand dollars.

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