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Member of the Month: Decus Biomedical

Grace Bartoo has operated out of a variety of spaces over the last 12 years. She has rented offices in buildings around the Bay. She has paid month-to-month on a separate house. She has even opened her own home to her 9 employees, giving each a key to her front door as they flowed like […]

Member of the Month: Stephanie Tomasky

Two River Pictures is an Emmy nominated full service production company that specializes in food and travel, branded entertainment, tech, and the food tech platform. The company has long flourished in New Jersey, but recently the East Coast office realized the West Coast was sorely underrepresented. Stephanie Tomasky, one of our newest additions to the […]

Member of the Month: Laney Silverman

Laney Silverman, Principal Graphic Designer at the Design Boutique

“There are three responses to a piece of design- yes, no, and WOW!”- Milton Glaser Laney Silverman’s career began with demand for exceptional product. As an eager aspiring graphic designer, she applied to California State University, Chico’s Visual Communications program. The program was so rigorous and exclusive that acceptance was based purely on portfolios, judged […]

Why I Love Working at Sandbox Suites

Where I came from I worked as a server for 8 years in a restaurant in the suburbs North of Chicago.  This restaurant was located near a very popular outlet mall, a naval base, and within walking distance from the Six Flags: Great America.  As you can imagine, this place was always busy and very […]

We Lost Our Office Space, and That Was a Good Thing.


We struggled with self doubt. We reflected on past mistakes, and we wished we would have seen many things coming a lot sooner. Your average run of the mill pity party. Unfortunately that crap doesn’t help anybody do anything so we moved forward. We realized this was the perfect opportunity to finally get this location right.

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Is Standing Really Better for Your Health?

Health specialists have been quick to tell us time and again that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to what kills us. Between the 12 hours we spend sitting at a computer and watching TV, plus the 8 hours we’re sleeping, that’s approximately 20 hours we spend each day without motion.

In the last decade, standing desks have become the new craze to defy the downfalls of sitting. Dozens of styles exist, ranging everywhere in price from a few hundred to a cool thousand dollars.

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Event: Learn about the Murmur App

Guest Post by Murmur Co-Founder Adam Becker “There are murmurs around you” reads the notification on your iPhone: an alert that you just walked into a space with personality. You swipe to open the app – five of the latest tweets from everybody in the coworking space: a few new articles they retweeted, an Instagram […]

3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking

3 Reasons to Focus on Coworking

A million reasons exist to cowork. A million reasons exist to work at home. In the grand scheme of things, you are fully capable of starting your business from the cozy embrace of your favorite armchair. But to save yourself hours of gazing at the walls and wishing for inspiration, take moment to consider these 3 reasons to focus on coworking.

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How to Get Funded with Angel Investor Gary Jinks

Guest Author: Gary Jinks Many entrepreneurs and startups do not understand the fundamentals of the “startup/entrepreneur” business model. As a result, they fail to deliver the right message to investors- and ultimately do not get funded. “Why You” is not because you have a great app or technology. A common mistake of entrepreneurs is too […]

10 Ways to Better Communicate with Your Employees

10 Ways to Better Communicate with Your Employees Whether you’re a corporate giant towering over the masses or a new startup barely crawling, you communicate every single day. With your spouse as you leave for work, with commuters on the train, with the guy you buy your hot dog from. But mostly, you communicate with […]