5 Blogs for Entrepreneurs- in no specific order

5 blogs for entrepreneurs

5 Blogs for Entrepreneurs


1. Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com 

The hub of Silicon Valley’s first and most well known incubator and VC is Y Combinator. It’s not technically a blog.  But it is bubbling over with great information for anyone starting a business, in the the thick of getting funding, or anyone looking to find a VC. It’s the pulse of VC culture and any entrepreneur, whether technically a startup or not, can find valuable resources here. Still not sold? Their companies have a combined valuation of over $30 billion. See also, Paul Graham.



2.”Both Sides of the Table”  http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com 

Mark Suster, is a seasoned entrepreneur and Silicon Valley native who has been on, well, both sides of the table. A 2x entrepreneur who joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Salesforce.com. He provides startup lessons, marketing/pr topics, sales help and more.


3. Seth Godin’s Blog http://sethgodin.typepad.com

He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.*  If you are an entrepreneur, early stage startup or a one man band, you’re probably wearing all the hats in your company. This would include marketing your product. Seth’s blog is great resource for marketers and independent professionals alike.

*(borrowed from his bio.)


4. How to Change the World  http://blog.guykawasaki.com/

With a previous job title like Chief Software Evangelist at Apple, Guy understands not only how to be the hype guy for someone else, but how to strike off and start his own company. (Which he did after his departure from Apple.) He’s a prolific author and like several others on this list, understands all aspects of running a business. The content is a bit heavy on the marketing and product evangelism side, but as any new entrepreneur will agree, marketing your product can mean the difference between instant success and sudden failure.


5. Steve Blank  http://steveblank.com/

Before there was the Customer Development methodology, and thus before the Lean Startup movement, there was a serial-entrepreneur Steve Blank (real name.) In 2013 Blank was named by Forbes as one of the most 30 influential people in Tech of 2013. Through his down-to-earth writing, Blank leads readers through the issues of entrepreneurship. The blog is considered a “must-read” and is syndicated by UC Berkeley, VentureBeat, and Huffington Post.


Meet iMeet – Sandbox Welcome’s Our Exciting New Partner via Virtual Meeting!

Meetings, meetings, meetings. They rule our corporate and professional experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re profit or non-profit, professional or corporation, freelancer or consultant, employee or owner, chances are you have sat through a variation of one; budget one, planning one, boring one, rebel-rousing one, development one, strategy one, review one, focus group one, termination one, conference call one…. there is at least one that you’ve sat through.

Now, think of your last conference call one. Ever sat through a really bad one? Phone line down, signal dead, can’t call out, scratchy voice, lost connection, sound keeps fading, call keeps dropping, echo in the background, wrong number, wrong time zone?

What was your gripe?

Whatever it was, there’s a good chance a new disruptive startup called iMeet can solve that.

We recently played nice and shook hands with iMeet with whom we are we are most excited to announce a fantastic new partnership that is sure to streamline with our support of Bay Area start-up innovators.

iMeet is a fantastic social networking tool that was created to provide a global community of event planners, freelancers, suppliers of professional services, businesses and anyone needing to connect virtually with clients. Think online meeting room meets video conferencing with a smattering of instant messaging. FacebookForum+GoogleChat+Skype.



For a flat monthly fee, schedule a meeting, send out your web address to your attendees, have them connect for free and proceed with your meeting: that easy! Individuals without a webcam video are free to connect via their mobile device or phone. The best? No software or downloads!

As the host of the meeting, no roll call is ever needed; attendees log onto virtual ‘meeting rooms’ and when they speak, their cubes glow. This is a fantastic idea that will instantly give your business some serious street cred and sheen of Web 2.0 savviness.

So, if you’ve ever had ‘one’ of those conference calls that went down the toilet due to tired software or outdated connectivity, try iMeet.

As partners with Sandbox Suites, this advantage could make the difference to that next call that happens to be the ‘big’ one. Just for our Sandbox members, iMeet is offering an exclusive 60 day extended free trial offer. All you need to do is go to Sandbox and iMeet’s co-branded landing page URL to sign up –  https://www.imeet.com/lovesandboxsuites

As one blogger called it, its a whole new video conferencing system bringing together phone, video and personality in a personal online meeting room.” We love the sound of that.


Authored by: Kiki Mwiti of Sandbox Suites

Need a Project Management Tool that Works the Way You Work?

Look no further! Siasto is a project management tool designed specifically to address the needs of small companies, startups, freelancers, and consultants. A collaboration tool backed by YCombinator, Siasto is the best way to manage your team’s projects, tasks, documents, and files. By integrating with all your favorite tools, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Dropbox, Siasto makes it easy to get things done.

Founded by two very talented individuals; Nic Pantucci, CEO, co-founder Siasto. Previously a founding member of LiveRail, where he was head of business development, and grew the business to $2m run-rate.  And, Courtland Allen, CTO, co-founder Siasto. Previously a founder of Syphir, started while still at MIT, which won a prestigious business award. He is also a recognized expert in UI/UX, and managing information overload.

Are you hooked yet? Get ready for the best news. Sandbox Suites is partnering with Siasto to not only offer our members a free trial month, but also a major, and we mean MAJOR, discount when you sign up.

Exclusively for Sandbox members, Siasto will provide twelve month licences for their Professional Plan ($600 value) at the price of only $29 per month.

So sign up at Siasto right now, and don’t forget to check out their blog for updates!

Sandbox Announces New Member Perks Through JustShareIt

Yep, that’s right. In addition to the buzzing atmosphere, networking opportunities, professional development events, and of course the free coffee, Sandbox members can now claim yet another perk with their membership.

We are excited to announce that Sandbox Suites will be partnering with our members, JustShareIt, to offer some sweet deals to Sandbox coworkers.

What They Do:

JustShareIt makes car sharing easy. As the world’s first completely keyless vehicle sharing marketplace, JustShareIt enables you to share your  vehicle and use other people’s vehicles in a safe online community.

What They’re Giving Us:

JustShareIt is hooking it up! Not only will Sandbox members get 50% off RideLink, JustShareIt’s revolutionary in-vehicle sharing technology, members will also get $15 in driving credit towards renting vehicles (cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats – seriously, they’ve got it all) AND gain access to a private Sandbox sharing circle, where members can share their vehicles with only each other.

Sandbox members, be sure to take advantage of this awesome deal. For non-members, here’s one more reason to become one!


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