Need a Project Management Tool that Works the Way You Work?

Look no further! Siasto is a project management tool designed specifically to address the needs of small companies, startups, freelancers, and consultants. A collaboration tool backed by YCombinator, Siasto is the best way to manage your team’s projects, tasks, documents, and files. By integrating with all your favorite tools, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Dropbox, Siasto makes it easy to get things done.

Founded by two very talented individuals; Nic Pantucci, CEO, co-founder Siasto. Previously a founding member of LiveRail, where he was head of business development, and grew the business to $2m run-rate.  And, Courtland Allen, CTO, co-founder Siasto. Previously a founder of Syphir, started while still at MIT, which won a prestigious business award. He is also a recognized expert in UI/UX, and managing information overload.

Are you hooked yet? Get ready for the best news. Sandbox Suites is partnering with Siasto to not only offer our members a free trial month, but also a major, and we mean MAJOR, discount when you sign up.

Exclusively for Sandbox members, Siasto will provide twelve month licences for their Professional Plan ($600 value) at the price of only $29 per month.

So sign up at Siasto right now, and don’t forget to check out their blog for updates!

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