Earth Day 2012 and FREE Coworking!

Earth day is almost here – and being in the center of the green movement, this day gets a lot of people in the bay area pumped up! But one day, isn’t enough – we at Sandbox Suites are on a mission to make everyday earth day.
Coworking at sandbox is TOTALLY green. If you’ve stopped by our offices you have seen our reusable cups, our natural lighting, our recycle bins, our use of hand dryers and all the typical steps taken to be ‘green’, however you may not have noticed how green our members and staff are.

Many of our Sandboxers bike or take public transportation to work! Many members shut off and unplug their computers when they are out of the office for a while. Sandboxers shop local; most of our supply’s come from local suppliers. We are supporting the people, environment and economy around us. We think that choosing local businesses for office supplies, catering, web hosting, marketing, legal advice, or happy hour is the single most important way to go green . Keeping it in local, reduces carbon emissions from shipping, allows you to choose sustainable materials, and builds good karma! (Hint: a lot of these business owners sit right next to you! Why wouldn’t you tap into those resources?!!!) Here is a great list if 12 ways to go green at work, not that you guys need any help!

So here’s the BEST part¬† . . .

To thank you all for supporting us and in hopes that you will continue to be green we are offering EVERYONE a FREE DAY of coworking. Just come on in and mention ‘Earth Day’ for your free day.¬† In addition – anyone who shows us that they used public transportation or wishes us a Happy Earth Day will be entered in a raffle for an Earth Day basket with tons of goodies!



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