Member of the month: KidsAppBox

It’s not a surprise that most children would rather play video games than read a book.

As technology advances, it can consume a lot of our time. KidsAppBox, an educational game developing company is fully aware of the distraction technology may have on children. As parents themselves, they were determined to find a way to make learning fun. KidsAppBox reached 30 million downloads in four years.

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Event: Learn about the Murmur App

“There are murmurs around you” reads the notification on your iPhone: an alert that you just walked into a space with personality. You swipe to open the app – five of the latest tweets from everybody in the coworking space: a few new articles they retweeted, an Instagram photo from Jessica’s last trip to Tahoe, news about the deal that Dave from upstairs just closed with his largest client since December #success.

Pumping personality into space is Murmur’s mission.

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Chomp gets a bite of Apple

Former Sandbox members Chomp – an App Search Engine was acquired today by Apple  for what looks to be around $50m.

Chomp, based in San Francisco, and at Sandbox Suites from October 2009 till last February – is the developer of a search engine that helps users find mobile apps based on their functions, and not just their name, according to their site. Chomp, Inc. is the only company to enable app search based on what an app actually does. One billion apps are being downloaded every month, and iTunes is up to 550,000 unique apps. A smart buy for apple and a right step for Chomp, we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this team of awesome Aussies!

Chomp CEO Ben Keighran and CTO and co-founder Cathy Edwards are already working at Apple. Keighran joins iTunes Marketing and Edwards is now a Senior iTunes Engineer.

We’d like to send out our congratulations to our former sandboxers and wish them the best of luck at Apple and in all their future endeavors.

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