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If you’ve seen all four of our spaces – or at least checked out the pictures online you may understand this depiction of our newest SBS baby –  “The New space is something like if South Park and Union Square had a love child!”

There is a wonderful downtown/city vibe with beautiful paintings and decor, and a SOMA-like creative space with bright colors and a wonderful outdoor garden. And lets not forget the best part – we are only a few steps below our 567 Sutter St location!  We are very proud and delighted to announce this exciting expansion  – there has been a lot of interest in private desks and private offices so this new space is geared towards those needs.  

Here are some photo’s while we were fixing the place up!

A quick breakdown of the space and the prices:

20 Private Desks  Regularly $495 but we are offering a special discount for $445
4 three-person offices  $1485/mo
1 six-person private garden office $3959/mo
1 seven-person office $2950/mo
2 three-person conference rooms
1 six-person conference room
4 coworking spots (only open to Frequent Flyer members)


Here is the finished product! – What do you think? 

Whats next for SBS?  You tell us – we are always looking for feedback and want to know where and how you like your space.  For now we’d love for you to come check out the new digs and keep an eye out for a grand opening party! =)


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