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Two River Pictures is an Emmy nominated full service production company that specializes in food and travel, branded entertainment, tech, and the food tech platform. The company has long flourished in New Jersey, but recently the East Coast office realized the West Coast was sorely underrepresented.

Stephanie Tomasky, one of our newest additions to the South Park space, was exactly the right fit for the role. Her past work includes A&E, HGTV, and the History Channel. This year, she won an Emmy for her roles as a producer, director, and writer.

Now, as the Vice President of Client Services at Two River Pictures, Stephanie acts as the guiding hand for clients between having an idea and a finished video product. Her role is to ensure that all projects receive just the right amount of attention and to guarantee what a client envisions at the start is what they see on screen in the end.

“I like that every day is a little different,” Stephanie says. “I get to meet new clients and I like that challenge of trying to bring in new business.”

Since her work is based on people, Stephanie’s job requires interacting with an eclectic group of startups. As to why she chose Sandbox Suites as her landing pad, Stephanie said she appreciates how easily justifiable the monthly fee is when she looks at everything that’s included. She spends a lot of time shooting down in Silicon Valley and visits our location at 3505 El Camino Real in Palo Alto often.

“Some of these other places and their rates- they’re REALLY expensive, and they don’t give you very much,” she says. “I wanted a place where I could meet others who were in early phases of their business.”

For many in the startup industry, where a few slices of free pizza can seem like early Christmas, video products might be firmly placed in the ‘I can do without it’ category. Not only does Stephanie understand the struggle of deciding what comes first- the marketing or the success- she knows the frustrations behind the real question: where do you even begin?

“For an SBS member, I’d love to be able to help A) tell what the story is and B) how to put that together in a way that is professional, well-crafted, visually beautiful, concise, and interesting,” Stephanie says. “Something that would get hits on their site or drive traffic or tell a beautiful story or tell the client’s testimonial- whatever their main goal is, to help them reach it.”

More importantly, reaching the main goal on a budget a SBS member can afford. Stephanie strives to approach each client’s spending limits and determine whether a video would help them achieve success or if it’s better to wait until the second round of funding. Discounts are often offered to help startups take the right step forward.

Video, like pictures, has become an increasingly heavy punch in the guts of investors and supporters alike. To stand out, you have to touch the heart strings. Stephanie focuses on startups who need help formulating product pitch videos, company profile videos, CEO bios, etc. Taking inspiration from her visually creative past, she’s in love with the power of a good story.

“I like the ability to bring in my knowledge and expertise from my broadcast days to startup clients or corporate clients, because the storytelling is really the same,” Stephanie says. “The essence of the story- whether it’s for a startup or a corporate client- is the same as a broadcast.”

Her biggest piece of advice for anyone interested in making a video is to know the story before you start. If someone reaches the end of your video and doesn’t know the point or the call to action, that’s a lot of time, money, and energy down the drain. You should also know your audience, your expected cost, and if you want to sound professional or like a friend calling in a favor.

And most importantly- never forget to ask! Give a call to action.

“People love to help,” Stephanie says, “You just need to give them an outlet.”

To contact Stephanie with questions, email her at For more information about Two River Pictures, visit their website here.

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