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As a startup owner, thousands of questions cross your desk in the process of launching a business. How much is this going to cost? Is D a better way to complete this task than A and B? How well does this product work? And perhaps the most important- are my customers happy with my service?

Sabrina Bozek, Director of Marketing at Waypoint Group, deals with this particular question day in and day out. It’s the heart and soul of Customer Success, a relatively new industry that’s grown exponentially in the last 2-5 years. Waypoint is a consulting firm that specializes in B2B companies, helping to drive employee performance and improve the customer experience. Simply put, they’re in the business of customer loyalty.

Sabrina Bozek

Waypoint began as a consulting firm that coached executives, accounting teams, and the like on what a real customer success program looks like. Their main question: are we able to identify happy customers when they want to buy more? Waypoint’s goal is to track the value of the programs and to decide what improvements actually add benefit for retaining customers.

“There’s a long line of research for companies that it takes a lot more money to obtain a new customer than it is to retain a current customer,” Sabrina says. “So companies are now putting resources to that and saying, ‘Okay, we’ve locked in this customer. Let’s make sure we actually keep them so we don’t waste the time and resources to get a new customer if this customers leaves.”

In the last year, Waypoint decided to create its own product called TopBox, a software that will essentially deploy feedback in a way that is unique to businesses. For instance, if you receive a survey request from Best Buy because you purchased a product over the weekend, the process of feedback is much different than if a company is being asked about their satisfaction with another company.

“As Director of Marketing, a lot of times [my job] is convincing companies that this isn’t just about surveys, because surveys have an ugly connotation,” Sabrina says. “A lot of companies will say ‘oh, why can’t I use SurveyMonkey or a free tool and then call it a day?’ But what kind of report are you getting from them? That’s just a tally of the things you give customers to answer. My challenge is to give companies something that adds value.”

Through Waypoint’s software, analytics can prioritize action items and illuminate exactly where companies should focus to strengthen their relationships with their customers. Due to the success of those working in the position, the demand for Customer Success managers has become one of the most highly sought job titles.

With so many facets to manage, Sabrina’s job allows her to dabble in many different tasks. As the head of the marketing department, all categories fall under her umbrella: social, event, content creation. All tasks utilize her creative background and abilities as well as strategy. Her favorite aspect of her work is that the variety keeps everything interesting.

Sabrina and the other 5 full time employees work remotely, which can mean lonely days at home or jostling for space in a crowded café to get things done. Sabrina’s cat, Kaya, has a penchant for distraction, and Sabrina knew she needed a place with social interaction but also personal space.

Sandbox is not Sabrina’s first coworking space. In the past, she’s floated, trying to gauge the right balance for her personal productivity. She enjoys the familiar faces of our community, as well as the eclectic mix that includes more than simply tech-based companies.

“[Sandbox] also has a great mix of amenities,” Sabrina says. “A lot of different places try to compete with unlimited snacks, but I’ve worked at some that don’t even want to offer coffee. They’re like ‘French press, bring your own.’ But it’s like- come on. I need coffee.”

Sabrina is a member of Sandbox Suites SOMA and can be reached at

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